Black Peaks Summaries

here's a list of Black Peaks adventure summaries…

03: Second Expedition to the Lost Mine (cont.) - The original party tires of waiting, so Flapgar explores further and meets Sandra, Talon, their retainers and Weevil, the deposed Goblin King, escaping from captivity. The groups join forces and proceed to annihilate the goblins and assault the throne room. The Elf charms the fearsome Gorilla Warface before he can attack, and the party retreats, taking a small fortune in silver back to the surface.

04: Ambushed on the Road - The Boon Companions adventuring company are ambushed on the way to the Lost Mine by a treacherous would-be retainer and inadvertently collect a bounty on notorious bandit.

02: Second Expedition to the Lost Mine - A small army of adventurers and retainers retrace the steps of an earlier party exploring The Lost Mine. They cross the bridge without any casualties, where one of their number goes alone to seek an audience with the Goblin King, leaving his companions fighting off stirges in the dark.

01: Expedition to the Lost Mine - Three adventurers and their hired help explore a lost dwarven mine. They uncover evidence of enslaved dwarves and considerable treasure, but lose many companions to goblins and demon birds.

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