Black Peaks Summaries

here's a list of Black Peaks adventure summaries…

54: Fire Mountain - There is a shield on the wall at this inn near fire mountain. It has a distinctive flame logo on it that looks strangely familiar…

53: Dwarves in the Dark - Orcs and Goblins of numbers beyond reckoning were slain in the bowels of the earth. A chef's hospitality was met with hostility.

51: Gamgar's Woolford Vacation - Dalamyr and his Doomriders are hired by a nearby lord to go monster-hunting. They run into Gamgar and some wizard he calls Butterscotch even though his name is Studebaker. Then they molest some people in a bar, harass the lord's steward, and then wander up to a lonely tower in the middle of nowhere.

50: Tower of the Stargazer Part II - Dalamyr's Doomrider's return to the iron tower to finish plundering it of its riches and to look into that hellmouth thing that Pelltar was obsessing about. They explore the basement, encountering mirrors, guts, zombie-ghosts, blood, boxes, a weird skeleton, and a zelda style puzzle-trap with levers and force fields.

49: Rise of the Purple Worm God - Dalamyr catches up with the intrepid monster killers as they investigate the sinister cult of the purple worm god. After a strange fog causes confusion everything goes pear shaped and won't someone please think of the children! (Dalamyr does). When the smoke clears (figuratively) Holga is the new high priestess of the purple worm god and Ranndy is an enthusiastic accomplice. Dalamyr vows never to go underground with total strangers ever again.

48: Fort Chesterfield - Larrador the cleric comes to Threshold and recruits two specialists who specialize in killing monsters, because Fort Chesterfield has… wait for it… a monster problem.

47: Tower of the Stargazer Part I - Baron Grellis asks Dalamyr and his companions for an audience, after which the brave companions raid Zamzomarr's iron tower.

46: Showdown Up In The Sky - Lost retainers and equipment found, bugbear slaughtered, evil wizard killed before his nefarious plot could come to fruition.

45: The Bones Under Bone Hill - A mighty force of experienced adventurers travel to Bone Hill, where they destroy undead and magical guardians with impunity, and are rewarded for their valor with magic items and jools. Unfortunately, when they return to the surface, they find their retainers slain, horses scattered and goods stolen by filthy, no-good Bugbears.

44: Murderous Hangover - After taking back Bonspiel's stolen goods from the scoundrels at the Tavern of the West Wind, the adventurers plunder a smugglers' hideout beneath the burned out guardhouse North of Restenford.

43: There's Gnolls In Them Hills - The trio leave Restenford, and spend the day killing gnolls in the Pebble Hills.

40: To the Mouth of Stonehell - The adventurers make their way to the mouth of Stonehell, slaughtering monsters left and right for a pittance in gold, and some intriguing magical artifacts.

39: Bandits and Bootleggers - Blaine Scotting, elderly patriarch of the Scotting clan and proprietor of Hireling Hall, asks our intrepid heroes for a favour. A coach has come into town after being robbed by bandits, and he would like them to track down these bandits and get rid of them.

38: The Doom of Shul Hazadar - Shul-Hazadar is found and defeated.

37: Blood For The Blood God - A veteran adventurer and several retainers are claimed by the Temple of the Blood God Shul-Hazadar.

36: The Tomb of the Red Mummy - Parsnip and Warthog take Mulyx, Ussil, two other retainers and five dogs into the sewers of Threshold, losing one retainer, one dog, and one Warthog in the process.

35: Anastasia's Lament - Quasqueton is cleared.

34: Rock of Ages - The bowels of Quesqueton reveal marvels both wondrous and grotesque

33: The Iron Golem's Gold - Parsnip, Gamgar, and corporal-kaffshyth picnic in the woods west of Threshold, and loot the Reliquary of the Iron Golem.

32: Return to the Filthy Sewers - Parsnip, Gamgar, and Kaffshyth return to the filthy, bandit-infested sewers under Threshold.

31: Diamond of the Zombie King - The second expedition into Quesqueton uncovers a terrible treasure protected by the zombie king.

30: The Halls of Quasqueton - Adventurers travel upriver to the stronghold of two former adventurers and explore the rambling, underground structure, coming away with a few magic items.

29: The Doppelganger Effect - Dalamyr escapes from the owl temple and is reunited with Parsnip and Feralion. They journey to Threshold and recruits Gamgar, Bonspiel, and Warthog to finish cleansing the temple of evil.

28: Thieves of the Old City - Adventurers track down an Ogre stealing local children and uncover a conspiracy of bandits beneath the streets of Threshold.

27: Owl Quest - Our intrepid adventurers join Dalamyr in a quest to sanctify a desecrated church of the Owl God.

26: The Dragon and the Crypt - Three adventurers discover the Crypt of the Bandit Queen. They recover many rich treasures, but are forced to flee before looting the inner sanctum.

25: Into the Vault - The final rooms are explored in Koralgesh

24: Bed, Bath, and Beyond... in Koralgesh! - The fourth floor of the Keep of Koralgesh is partially looted.

23: Dungeons and Dragons - The heroes give the Desecrated Church a miss and trek back to the Keep of Koralgesh.

22: Escape From the Desecrated Church - The timely arrival of the Boon Companions ensures our stalwart heroes escape from the depths of the desecrated church.

21: Sacred and Profane - The first probes into the mysteries of the Desecrated Church. The party ends the adventure trapped in the dungeon with some new Viking friends.

20: Another Go - Many die in the Keep of Koralgesh.

19: Undead Undead Undead - The walking dead and a bevy of magical weapons, some good and some bad, are uncovered on the second level of the Keep of Koralgesh

18: Team Eldar vs King Spider - More rooms and monsters are explored on the second level of the Keep of Koralgesh

17: A Bad Case of Crabs - The second level of the Keep of Koralgesh is breached.

16: Fire and Water - Two more perish and a third is grievously wounded as the adventurers resume explorations in the caverns beneath the Keep of Koralgesh.

15: Relief in Koralgesh - Adventurers resume explorations in the Temple of Kor and find an unusual pool under the Keep of Koralgesh.

14: Massacre Beneath the Keep - Adventurers travel to the Temple of Kor to find the secret entrance to the dungeon beneath the fabled Keep of Koralgesh.

13: Escape from the Lost Mine - After the departure of several companions during the night, the party slips out of their fortified area, determined to end the stalemate with The Master. They climb from the river to an upper level, fight goblins, avoid death by dwarven machinery, explore a strange room full of large dwarven plumbing, and escape with a small amount of gold, silver, jewelry and a treasure map.

12: Standoff in the Mine - After an indecisive encounter with servants of The Master, the party hunkered down in a small section of the mine. They attempted to lure The Master's followers into an ambush, but the gambit failed. They locked themselves in again, satisfied with killing two acolytes in the exchange and securing enough provisions to continue.

11: The Numminen Hoard - Through careful exploration, prescient use of the Charm spell and copious amounts of flaming oil, the party penetrated the lower levels of the dungeon. But after a standoff with minions of The Master, they were forced to take refuge with Yevgeni's former associates while they decide on their next move.

10: Return to the Lost Mine - The Boon Companions return to the Lost Mine to retrieve Weevil's gemstone from its hiding place. They lose several retainers to skeletons and acolytes of Chaos, but manage to escape with the loot, despite treachery from within the party.

09: Assault on the Temple of Chaos - The party enter the Temple of Chaos undetected, kill several acolytes, a torturer, free numerous prisoners (and slay numerous imprisoned monsters) and forge a tentative alliance with a medusa before alerting the undead guardians of the temple and fleeing with nothing but the treasure on their backs!

08: Charmed and Dangerous - The party returns to the Caves of Chaos and use Charm spells to defeat the Kobolds, Bugbears and assemble a massive force for taking on "The Master".

07: Let Sleeping Ogres Die - A party of adventurers kill an ogre in his lair, spend the night in the Caves of Chaos and are driven from the area by massing goblins.

06: The Kobolds Strike Back - An Elf returns with her companions to the Caves of Chaos, but disaster strikes when they are overrun by giant rats, fall victim to a pit trap and are chased away by a mob of kobolds.

05: The Kaves of Kobolds - An Elf hires three retainers and surprises a number of kobolds outside their lair at the Caves of Chaos. Quick arrow work and a timely Sleep spell win the day, but the Elf is reluctant to enter the kobold cave and retreats with only a handful of silver pieces to show for it.

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