Black Peaks Summaries

here's a list of Black Peaks adventure summaries…

105: Mushroom People - The PCs go to fight the Mushroom people.

104: The Opposite of Gravediggers - Jazz Hand digs up the greatest of evils, then the greatest of goods, and recovers his lost hand.

103: Evil Wizards In A Cave Bear - Bonspiel and his friends track down some evil wizards and watch a bear eat them. This session was the FIVE YEAR anniversary of the first RBV game actually played in Vancouver. Crazy.

102: Mission Accomplished - Bonspiel and company drive the shadow of evil from the Mine… unfortunately, it goes to a nearby castle and sacrifices everyone present to summon a Shadow Dragon.

101: Bonspiel and the Lair of the Shadow - Our four travelers meet in the town of Affeldeen? Though they found their way to this town by different means and for different reasons they have all decided to band together to fight for justice and goodliness. Or perhaps not. Its possible three of them followed a cleric with the intent of robbing him only to find out he keeps all his money in a bank in some other town. What a dick. After having traveled as far as they did some are at least interested in making some money to pay off some rather ridiculous gambling debts. Ths cleric seems to be the only one around with the sort of get rich quick potential they crave.

100: TPK! - One party goes into goblin's lair and falls afoul of ghouls. Another party falls afoul of the town of Ljorhafen, but recovers money from dungeon.

99: Daring Adventures of the Delicious Dandy - Hugo and Graham outfit a party of adventurers to raid a dungeon and collect the reward placed on the goblins.

97: Black and Wight (Undead All Over) - A domed mausoleum in the ruins of an ancient city is a shitty place. So it goes.

96: Plague Cult Debacle - Ranndy and Runty raid the underground lair of a remote cult in the frozen north. In the process, Ranndy is kidnapped and Runty barely manages to rescue him and the clothes on his back.

95: Oramor Hollyoak and the Cursed Lair of the Rat Cult - Oramor's faithful retainers Holga and Ranndy Serpenthelm meet him at the Inn and warn him of a wicked rat cult threatening the people of the north. As a brave member of the Hollyoak Family, he sets out with his merry band of adventurers to defeat the wicked rat cultists.

94: Inside the Iron Beast - Two brave adventurers locate and slay the giant metal dragon, just in time to save the town. Well, most of the town.

93: The Bandits of Spider Valley - The Purple Worm Cult leaves Ormok and travels north to a small valley to kill some bandits and take their phat lootz.

92: Escape From Winnipeg - Dalamyr and Griswald team up with Azure Krikorian, the sky mage, and attempt to escape from Winnipeg. This entails killing a bandit for Granny Serpenthelm so she will help them book passage on a boat leaving town.

91: Return to the Laboratory of Xoth-Ragar - The Purple Worm Cult returns to the laboratory of Xoth-Ragar and delves into the caverns beneath it in order to kill a bunch of stuff and make off with some golden riches.

90: The Ongoing Assault on the Alchemical Profession - The purple worm cult decides to do a favour for one of two freelance alchemists in Ormok. They investigate the house of a "missing" sorcerous type, find the owner dead and his basement full of monsters and weirdness, and decide to raid the place and get rid of witnesses.

89: Dalamyr and the Underground Temple - A terse summary of the adventure, suitable for automatic inclusion on a list of session summaries.

88: The Winnipeg Serpenthelms - The great matriarch of the Serpenthelm clan, Esther Serpenthelm, extends a request and offer to Columbo and Dalamyr and then fucks them over in typical Serpenthelm fashion decides to forgive their failure and offer them an opportunity to make p for their failings.

87: Halfling Massacre - The Purple Worm Cult goes back to the park and fights mutated halflings that worship some vermin god they've never heard of.

86: Temple of the Minotaur's Dick - The worm cult somehow gets roped into trying to help some halflings? Instead they go into the first hole in the ground they find, and wander around. They kill a minotaur and Ranndy cuts off its penis and throws it at (insert elf's name here). He dies.

85: Death to Evil Wizards - A party of adventurers go down into Tiffany's and slaughter the hell out of invisible wizards. Gremlins run rampant in the camp outside Yam.

84: Lair of the Pink Ninja - Eager to liberate his companions from the clutches of the Shadow Temple Assassins, Zodar Khan organizes a rescue mission.

83: Worst Adventure Ever - Balbarrick and Zodar Khan enlist Mern the Blue and somebody who claims to be Bonspiel but is probably Ranndy Serpenthelm, but Balbarrick is destroyed by explosive mushrooms, and Mern is slaughtered by evil cultists. When Zodar and Ranndy replace Belbarrick with another Lawful cleric and Mern with another Serpenthelm, a second foray into Fortress Eibon goes even worse and a small army of slaves are immolated. Zodar and Ranndy leave, dejected.

82: Fall of Shazadar - Shazadar, Ballard, and Ranndy recruit a couple of mercenary brothers to explore the Fortress Eibon. They find many near-worthless coins, run into Bonspiel, and Shazadar is laid low.

81: Citadel of Evil - Mern and Ranndy take a working vacation to the city of Ormok and team up with some other adventurers to do a favour for a pair of pitiful halflings. They venture into caves underneath an abandoned citadel next to the city walls and find it populated with monsters and cultists, just like every other hip, happening night spot in town.

80: Clan of the Cave Frog - Adventurers form an alliance with frog men, do battle with cave men and survive their foray into Fortress Eibon (mostly).

79: Fortress Meat Grinder - Columbo, Mern, and Ballard go back into Fortress Eibon, accompanied by a newly-arrived stranger from the Serpenthelm clan, and a cleric of Orderon, neither of whom find what they're looking for. Columbo gets fuuuuuuuuuucked up and the loot probably doesn't cover the cost to repair his shattered mind.

78: Its Gold in Here - Floria comes up with a great idea to make us all rich, rich RICH! Gold is found! Then more gold is found! GOLD GOLD GOLD! Also, Columbo gets blown up but he's OK. A vastly powerful sword is found by Mern and given to Columbo! A dead horse, tired of being flogged, lays a beat down we won't soon forget. Columbo gets a magical wand and gives it to Mern, but, alas, only after Ixirgonthus perishes.

77: Swords Against Darkness is Not Enough - Columbo's Corsairs hire some mercenaries to invade the fortress with them, but after a fight with frogs and gnolls, only twenty per cent of them return alive. A second expedition sees them bringing along a street-sweeper instead of armed men, but when they attempt to seize a worthless little item that has great significance to Black Peaks characters but would mean nothing to anybody playing on a Sunday, "the Loud One" is enveloped in darkness, repeatedly stabbed, and dragged off to some unknown fate by invisible foes.

76: Enter the Eibon Fortress - Our brave adventuring party assembles itself outside the city of Yam and proceeds to mount two expeditions into the Eibon Fortress. Numerous warriors are killed, a wizard and a halfling are (further) mutilated by insanely dangerous wolves and a bag of gold with a mouth, respectively, a psychic slug is sent to hell, and some drugs and coins are liberated. In the end, even with the discovery of a magical mace, our heroes remain unsatisfied with the risk-to-reward ratio, and are desirous of finding more and better treasure.

75: Kings of Chaos - Returning to the dungeon beneath the Stone Chimera, Columbo's Corsairs suffer the slings and arrows of fate. A magical sword-in-the-stone causes intraparty conflict, poison gas causes intra-magic-user poison gas formation, and several treasure hordes cause smiles on the faces of those that survive the ordeal.

74: The Myriad Glories of Chaos - In which our heroes create a breeding pair of crystal dogs and flee like bitches (GET IT?) when the gods of chaos grant a peerage to another maligned guard-dog-cum-lab-rat-for-crazed-"adventurers" and deliver unto him as his servants three rat-men and a snake-headed wyvern were-wyvern in whose were-wyvern form its right leg sprouts from the top of its neck, a wing sticks out of its right knee, its snake head protrudes from its left knee, and its other wing extends from its genitals, which barely hinders its movement because in this form it can levitate, which I forgot to mention during the game. Read the title of the adventure again if you don't get it.

73: Bowling for Loot - Still residing in Ormok (aka INSERT TOWN NAME HERE), the party encounters more troglodytes! Then, experiments with magical pools occur! A mutant gargoyle is involved! A water elemental is too! An inn is destroyed! Loot is found! Shadows attack! And yet more loot! MwhAhAhaHahHAa!

72: Dungeon under the Inn - The party takes an uneventful sea voyage to INSERT TOWN NAME HERE, where they discover an inn with a dungeon under it! Seeking a lost group of adventurers to rob and murder save from certain death, the Corsairs enter the dungeon and are ravaged by troglodytes, annoyed by a crazed dwarf, and nearly TPKed by ghouls before fighting a gargoyle at his pool-side abode.

71: Son of Return to the Hole in the Hill - Several more expeditions into the hole in the hill find the adventuring party killing a minotaur, a priest of law they had enlisted to help them, a number of zombies, and some giant spiders. They fall through a hole and send hundreds of feet down another, to little or no avail, and continuously fail to find any noteworthy treasure.

70: Return to the Hole in the Hill - The party returns to the dungeon and kills some goblins. Elizabeth's Sleep spell comes in handy, and produces a prisoner to be questioned, who is then dispatched by Merrigold. Our heroes then find the horrible grey ooze that plagued Merrigold so mightily in the third expedition, and he cuts it in half with one blow, killing it. The phoenix shield (which I totally forgot to mention was a shield +2 when Merrigold got attacked later) is recovered, and the party explores to the north, finding a group of drug-crazed berzerker orcs, some strange rooms, bats, and some dangerous-looking pits. One of several secret door leads to a stairway full of zombies, who the adventurers decide not to fight.

69: The Hole in the Hill - On the northern shore of the Barony of Restenford, shepherds and merchants have been reporting goblin attacks.

68: The Amira's Necklace - Merrigold and his two newest recruits hire Nebarr and Ameesh, warriors from the Mysterious East, who tell of a stolen necklace and the Amir's generous reward. Our heroes enter a ruined temple and retrieve it.

67: Slaughter of the Silver Man - Our bold, intrepid heroes decide to return to the Caves of the Creepy Crab Crawlers but fail to find any crabs. Instead, they discovers dungeons built by hand, slay a few guards, a high priest, and a man made of silver in order to recover a giant ruby.

66: Stairway to Toadhell - Our heroes are approached by two peasants seeking their help. One is a brewer, the other a stick-gatherer.

65: Caves of the Creepy Crab Crawlers - Two expeditions into caves infested with crab-men reveals relatively few crab-men and ends in tragedy.

64: Special Cross Over Extravaganza - Gamgar teams up with the Serpenthelm Adventuring Company when some halfling reveals he has inherited a key to the back door of an empty house in Threshold that once belonged to a wizard.

63: The Other Purple Worm Cultists - As one cult of the purple worm god moves out of the Black Peaks, another moves in. Then Dalamyr beats the shit out of them.

62: Purple Fearless Vampire Killahs - The dead have no use for riches. The Purple Worm Cult does. A redistribution of wealth is put into effect.

61: The Hag and the Hellmouth - The purple worm cult bolster their ranks and seize control of a hellmouth.

60: Worms, Wolves, and Bears - The Purple Worm Cult, acting on divine edict, seek to gain control of a hellmouth. They have violent encounters with wolves and bears and are disrespected by an alchemist.

59: False Tomb of Zamzomarr - Members of the Serpenthelm Adventuring Corp. descend into a sinkhole beneath Threshold and discover an infamous wizard's empty tomb.

58: Durgrim's Treasure Map - Dalamyr's Doomriders venture forth once again in to the sewers under Threshold, defeating the Frost Witch and closing a Hellmouth, but at great cost.

57: Against the Frost Witch - Edmund the Necromancer of Threshold gives Dalamyr and Rowlf some info on the doorway to hell underneath Threshold. They pursue it and come face to face with a witch, who gives them the cold shoulder. The doughty duo and their hired spearman fight their way out through legions of cat-men.

56: Rothgnaar's Fishing Hole - Bandits and priests of Hextor, two great tastes that taste great with fishermen.

55: Fearless Mystery Killers - Dalamyr gets a letter from the druid up in Restenford, that he's discovered something important that Dalamyr would be interested in. So Dalamyr and Connor decide to go up and check it out.

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