Black Peaks NPCs

Belrain the Sword Singer: An Elf who has sworn fealty to and is the legal representative of Lord Stefan in the Black Peaks.

Dead Gentlemen: A mercenary company responsible for security and the hiring of retainers in Threshold.

Dragon Army:


A host of goblinkind, evil men and horrid creatures borne of wizardry that drove the Dwarves out of the Black Peaks over a century ago. The region was under its cruel dominion until the Dragon was defeated and the army routed by Lord Stefan's forces.

Ezzard The Necromancer: A wizard living in an iron tower within Threshold, who has been known to raise people from the dead, although they require certain drugs to remain among the living thereafter.

Lord Stefan: Nominal ruler of the region. Destroyed the Dragon. Crushed the Dragon Army. Beheaded Zamzomarr the Wizard.

Ludwig The Priest: The ecclesiastical authority of Threshold has been granted to Ludwig, the brother of Lord Stefan. Those who follow the Chaos Cult will change their ways, or face the consequences in this life and the next!

Mikko the Dwarven Hero: Unofficial spokesman for the Dwarves in Threshold, Mikko has made it known that he will pay gold for dwarven artifacts recovered from the Lost Mine, as well as news of the fate of his kinsmen. There are those who suspect that he is searching for something of great value still hidden in the mine.

Renata the Robber (deceased): A bandit operating in the wilderness near Threshold. She was killed along with the rest of her gang when they ambushed the Boon Companions adventuring party in the Haunted Forest.

Weevil: The former King of the goblins living in the Lost Mine.

Yevgeni the Adept: Yevgeni was being escorted to "the pit" when he was captured by the Boon Companions and taken to Threshold as a prisoner, along with his papers.

Zamzomarr: A wizard in league with the Dragon, reputed to have been killed once by Lord Stefan and again by some adventurers.

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