39: Bandits and Bootleggers

This game played Thursday, June 17th, 2010.

Dungeon adapted from The Casks, by Tony Dowler.



William Parsnip
Gamblor the Elf
Corporal Kaffshyth


Blaine Scotting, elderly patriarch of the Scotting clan and proprietor of Hireling Hall, asks our intrepid heroes for a favour. A coach has come into town after being robbed by bandits, and he would like them to track down these bandits and get rid of them.

The Haunted Tower

They wander down to the scene of the crime, and then over to an abandoned tower, supposedly haunted. After poking around, and finding the tower both locked, ruined, and deserted, they discover an underground lair! An underground lair that smells strongly of alcohol, in fact.

The Ghost Room

One room seems to be in complete disarray and ruin. In fact, there is an X marked on the wall in chalk by the door. Upon entering the room, a ghostly woman appears, making a horrendous clanking noise. From the other side of the room, a door opens, and someone yells "Oi! Shut up!"

Dusty Papers and Empty Stills

The trio then finds a room full of papers that have not been touched in… well, probably since some woman's arcane diary was left there! This book is taken. The next room contains empty stills. It seems this is a bootleggers' lair.

The Bootleggers

And then they find the bootleggers, playing at cards in a room full of casks. The Great Calgodarro protests that he is no bandit, only a simple purveyor of moonshine! Kaffshyth and Parsnip are taken, but Gamblor has the keen nose of a lawman. He speaks some magical Elven words and the bandits drift off to sleep. The trio searches the room thoroughly, and find a secret room containing all the loot they stole from the coach.

The bandits are then executed, for a justice system is a luxury frontiersmen can ill afford.

DM was johnstone.

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