Archibald Serpenthelm

Hey guys! Check out the sweet telescope! I'll just look through the lens……..aaaahhhhhhhh.

Player Mxlplx
Class Fighter 1
Title Warrior of the Purple Worm
Alignment Lawful
Special The nicest and most noble of all the Serpenthelms!
Strength 13
Intelligence 8
Wisdom 16
Dexterity 8
Constitution 13
Charisma 13
Armor Class 3
Hit Points 6


Archibald may have been the greatest adventurer to ever step foot into the black-peaks. I say may because it was on his first ever journey with the Doomriders into the Iron Tower of Zamzomarr he was murdered by Connor and Gamblor. They used a giant teleporting telecope to transport him to another planet where he was eaten by slugmen to death. He has not found a way back yet but we all have out fingers crossed.

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