20: Another Go

Real World Info

This session was played on Feb 26, 2010.

Cast of characters:

Marrieth with Klipsan the Footpad and Apu.
Dalamyr the Worshipper of Owls.
Eluria the elf and her retainers Dierdre the Average and Bargwana the half-orc bard.
ben-spiffy, opener of locks and his retainers Zazz Firebeard and Toots.
Sir Helmut Bonspiel with Bal-Mordo the tumbling dwarf.


Many die in the Keep of Koralgesh.

I. The Frog & Peach & Conflagration

The group of adventurers return to Vineyard to stock up on supplies and hire new retainers. During a night of carousing, Dalamyr accidentally burns down the Frog and Peach Inn, knocking over a full oil lantern on to the brandy bottles, starting an uncontrollable blaze. The next morning after a quick visit to the stores the group is back up the mountain to the camp. Dalamyr also has had the local armorer remove the Korite symbols from his armor, replacing them with the stylized owl of the god of Wisdom.

II. Slime Trails in the Antechamber


The party find a huge room with a fountain and alabaster statue of a woman in robes. The room leads to the courtyard which overlooks the surrounding cliffs of the Western Sea. When Bal-Mordo the dwarf collects some silver coins from the fountain the statue says "would you steal from the poor of this city?" and he puts the coins back. Ben Spiffy unlocks some doors that lead into the great hall, flanked with pillars and suits of platemail. Toots makes some noise with his horn that attracts a trio of rock baboons. The adventurers drive them off but Zazz Firebeard is slain in the attack. The group learns that at the end of the great hall four suits of armor are guarding the door at the far end.

III. Nest of Ghouls

A ransacked barracks conceals two ghouls that spring out at the party but are swiftly dispatched. Their bedding hides three gems and many copper coins. Bal-Mordo's paralysis is cured with Dalamyr's Staff of Healing.

IV. Rats! Giant Rats!

Dalamyr surprises and agitates five giant rats finding victuals in a storage room. After cleaning out the vermin the group finds a barrel of pitch, a barrel of oil and a barrel of wine, as well as three bright gems.

V. The Sentinels

After devising a plan to use the barrel of pitch against the suits of armour in the great hall, the party returns to the antechamber to see a mountain lion feeding on and guarding the carcass of a slain rock baboon. The archers drive it off. Then they implement their plan of rolling a flaming barrel of pitch into the suits of armor like so many tenpins. The suits of armour attack with their polearms and cut down three of the retainers before finally being dispatched.

VI. Total losses/loot

Zazz Firebeard was clubbed to death by a rock baboon.
Klipsan, Toots, and Bal-Mordo were slain by animated suits of armor.

3 rock baboons 60 xp
1 mountain lion 50 xp
2 ghouls 50 xp
5 giant rats 25xp
4 animated suits of armor 140 xp

1600gp in gems (ghouls)
1453 copper
350gp in gems (rats)
11 suits of platemail
12 polearms
1 50' length of rope

Each surviving PC earned 352xp and 393gp. Each surviving retainer earned 176xp.

In addition, Bonspiel, Eluria and 2 other PCs earned 25gp from the bounty on Klipsan.

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