35: Anastasia's Lament

Real World Info

This session was played on May 30, 2010, featuring:

William Parsnip, his dog, and his retainer Molmar
Supper Brown the Dragon-Headed and his retainer Pilpo Paggins
Warthog the Fighting Man
Emelio Tog the Brained Wizard and his retainers Kalgar the dwarf and Reynil Thorsson (of Glar).


Quasqueton is cleared.

More Goblins

As soon as the adventurers delve into the dungeon, they hear the approach of goblins. The set up an ambush, but parley to a point (that point being when Supper Brown unleashes fiery hell-breath upon them. The first wave of goblins is slain but a group of reinforcements arrive immediately, which is subsequently routed.

Pickled Lady

The adventurers proceed into the Wizard's workroom, and come across a Thresholdian lady in suspended animation in a large bottle. After sufficiently looting the room, they remove the cork on the bottle. The magical preserving fluid bubbles away, and the lady awakes from a decades-long stasis.

Anastasia reveals herself to be the daughter of the mayor of Threshold (likely in the time before the Dragon Army laid waste to the land).

Other Stuff

Other stuff

Zombie VS Wizard

The adventurers come upon the bedroom of Rogaine El Monoxadil's lover. While searching through the bedding, her corpse springs out and brains Emilio, who gets permanent brain damage.

What is that smell?

Giving chase to the battling goblins

Having explored the first level of the dungeon to their satisfaction, the explorers decide to finish mapping the crude caves below.

Fresh air, and final foray to ferry the finery

8 orks are slaughtered, as is Molmar and Rex

Total Losses/Loot

  • 620gp
  • 30gp Pewter pitcher & mugs (Parsnip)
  • 100gp letter opener
  • 90gp mirror
  • 25gp 120ep 290sp 840cp
  • 15gp crystal goblet with Quasqueton engraved on it
  • 40gp damaged tapestry (Parsnip)
  • 400gp garnet gems (4)
  • 5gp silver comb
  • 1gp in tortoiseshell dish
  • 25gp Sword bearing the insignia of Stefan's army
  • 25gp commemorative plaque
  • 300gp famous painting by Tuflor
  • ?gp Dragon skin (Parsnip)
  • ?gp Dragon Paws
  • ?gp Cockatrice
  • ?gp religious door
  • ?gp Basilisk
  • 800gp ornately carved bed
  • notes & papers for the improvement of Quasqueton
  • Quasquetonian Mace (+1) mace (Brown)
  • Quasquetonian Spear (+2) spear (Warthog)
  • Potion of levitation (Parsnip)
  • Scroll "Web" (Communal, awaiting MU transcription, held in trust, Parsnip)
  • Bag of Devouring (Warthog)
  • Elvish Encyclopedia of Plants (Parsnip)
  • History of Black Peaks (Parsnip)
  • Book on Weather with coded notes (Parsnip)
  • Coded notebook (Parsnip)
  • Encoded papers (Ex-Emilio, Parsnip)

DM was johnstone.

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