04: Ambushed on the Road

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This session was played on June 3, 2009.

Featuring Barry Fancypants, Sly Naptastic and the retainers Millhouse, Peewee, Nelson and Smithers.


The Boon Companions adventuring company are ambushed on the way to the Lost Mine by a treacherous would-be retainer and inadvertently collect a bounty on notorious bandit.

I. Hard to find good help these days

Before setting out for the Lost Mine, Sly decides to hire a replacement for Otto, who went on a bender after the previous expedition and hasn't been seen since. His first applicant is a barefoot, thuggish type named Posset, who storms off in a huff when Sly lowballs him on the retainer fee.

Eventually the medium settles on Smithers, a hireling with a mohawk and an ear for local gossip. Before leaving town, they learn that a bounty has been offered for clearing the Desecrated Church, the successful killing or capture of a local bandit, and exploring a ruined keep.

II. Death of Nelson

The first night on the road, Barry and Nelson spot someone lurking in the trees north of camp. Before they can alert their companions, a barrage of arrows from the opposite direction drops Nelson with a horrific wound. His strangled cry wakes his employer before he succumbs to his injury.

Sly lets loose with his trusty Sleep spell without even bothering to stand up. Unfortunately the spell puts Barry down as well, leaving Sly alone, prone and facing the business end of a short bow, as Posset creeps out of the trees to the north and opens fire.

The fragile mage rolls frantically as arrows rain down, but manages to kick Smithers awake. The retainer seizes his spear and charges Posset just as Barry gets to his feet. The cowardly bandit flees and is run through. The three of them wake the rest of their party and make short work of the sleeping bandits, one of whom Smithers recognizes as Renata the Robber.

III. Guests of the Elven Guard

Nelson's sudden death shocks the party, who head back to town to resupply. There they are rewarded for dealing with Renata and invited to dine with the Elven Guard by Belrain the Sword Singer, Lord Stefan's representative in Threshold.

That evening Sly conducts another recruiting drive, with the charismatic Smithers carrying out interviews. Several dregs are summarily dismissed, but in the end Sly hires Terence, a failed wizard's apprentice with metallic eyes.

IV. Total losses/loot

Six bandits were killed, as was Nelson. 113 gold pieces were recovered, including a 100 gold piece reward for the head of Renata the Robber.

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