• The Church of Law is the official religion of the Black Peaks, though it has yet to establish even a single church. It is based on Dwarven scriptures and claims to worship the same god.
  • The Great Builder is the god of the Dwarven religion. The Dwarves are non-committal about the supposed relationship to the CoL, but Mikko the Dwarven Hero has allied with Ludwig the Priest in return for his support of Dwarven territorial claims.
  • The God of Wisdom, whose symbol is the Owl, a muscular faith practiced by the cleric Dalamyr.

The Lawful alignment language is based on the ancient tongue of the Dwarven priesthood, and survives mainly as a written language. Speaking it is difficult and prone to ambiguity, both because it is a language of ceremony and ritual, and because the Dwarven alphabet eschews vowels.


A handful of forlorn shrines in the wilderness is all that remains of "The Old Faith". It was practiced by residents of the region until the invasion of the Dragon Army when its followers were brutalized and subjugated. It survives mainly as folklore and tradition, though it is rumored that a few ascetics carry on the rites, as they have since time immemorial.

Known faiths in the region include:

  • Kor the Sun God, an ancient religion of Koralgesh.

The Neutral alignment language is a collection of proverbs, folklore and rhymes, that may once have signified spells or magical formulae. Superstition holds that complete knowledge of the tongue is the so-called "Low Speech" of beasts and kindred spirits.


The "Cult of Chaos" is a blanket term used by the Church to describe a hodge-podge of traditions devoted to a variety of gods. It acquired a terrible reputation under the rule of the Dragon Army, whose followers organized wholesale slaughter in the name of several Chaotic beings.

Known cults:

The Chaotic tongue is a tradition of magical languages of unknown origin. The written form is still used to transcribe spells and enchantments. The spoken languages is a patois of the ancient language and the dialect of various monsters.

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