Planet Algol Summaries

here's a list of Planet Algol adventure summaries…

Algol 05: The Snail Oracle. A courier mission to the house of the snail goes terribly awry from the git-go. A second foray goes more promisingly.

Algol 04: Return to the Voluptuary, Part II. The voluptuary is successfully penetrated and the precious idol successfully retrieved, though at great expense in lives.

Algol 03: Return to the Voluptuary. Somebody gets murdered, and friends are made.

Algol 02: Foyer and Wasteland. Our heroes find an abandoned city, and manage to score some loot, but are soon set upon by savage cannibal degenerates, who seize the Shuzakh man and carry off his body. The survivors flee back to Planet Algol, but are ambushed by thieves! After his guide is hurled over the cliff, the Shereshi man is subdued and sold into slavery.

Algol 01: Penetrating the Voluptuary. A mysterious Agogi declares that he represents a mysterious employer who wishes to hire some adventurous types to retrieve a particular piece of art. It is an erotic hepatazon idol called Ecstatic Trembling Within Writhing Tentacles.

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