Algol Races

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Brown Man: Angalla Men
Nut brown to mahogany skin
Glossy wavy black hair.
Men have thick, lustrous facial hair.
Black or brown eyes.

Gharhions: A variety of vat-grown synthetic humanoid engineered by one of the Ancients' civilization for demanding subterranean labour on such projects as mining, construction and the like. Gharhions are man-sized, but broad, massy and flabby, possessing over-large hands and feet. Their skin is dead white and bears a film of protective fluids; their appear to have no necks, with their large head sitting directly on the shoulders; they are hairless with large, solid black orbs for eyes.

Nire Witch: Nire Witches
Ivory skin.
Black, long, straight hair.
Blue, gray or yellow eyes.
The Nire race is entirely composed of women.

Pink Man: Agogi Man.
Pink skin.
Most are hairless.
Thin, fine silver or white hair.
White or pink eyes.

Pulvi: An inhuman race of small wasteland scavengers, most do not know what the Pulvi look like due to their habit of being constantly garbed in robes of drab colours with their cowls over their heads.

Shereshi: Rumoured to be an unnatural hybrid of some Elder Race with Man, the Shereshi are a somewhat man-like race with hairless, finely scaled green skin; six fingers and toes; no external ears; fine white hooked fangs in their lipless mouths: vertical slits for nostrils; a narrow, pointed skull; narrow, black, slit-pupiled eyes with golden irises; and a third eye in the middle of their foreheads. They have a thin, transparent green slime for their bodily fluids. The Shereshi possess a natural affinity for sorcery. Some claim that they are related to the Yilim; although they share certain physical characteristics, Shereshi bristle at such suggestions.

Silver Man: Zhaxxi Men have silver skin, black, gray, silver or white hair and pink eyes.

Zhaxxi Man: This page is an alias for: Silver-Man.

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