17: A Bad Case of Crabs

Real World Info

This session was played on January 29, 2010.

Cast of characters:

Marrieth with Klipsan and Stew
Eluria, with Dierdre the greedy street thug.
Tim the Conjurer and his retainer Spardeep the dwarf
ben-spiffy the lazy thief and the ever-loving Spamatino.
Viktor the elf and K-k-ken.


The second level of the Keep of Koralgesh is breached.


I. A Fresh Start

A rested group of adventurers follow the map to the stairs leading up to the second level. After a bit of exploring they find a chapel to Kor with a statue of the immortal holding Kor's Silver Chalice in its cupped palms. A large brass bowl lies on the altar filled with clear sweet water. When the cup is lifted from the palms of Kor by Spamatino, the statue speaks "may the blessings of Kor be upon you." Drinking the water refreshes the drinker.

II. Coral Crabs


In a museum-like room Marrieth takes some scrimshaw from a glass cabinet. As she does so two huge coral statues of crabs come to life and attack. Stew, Spardeep, and K-k-ken are all cut to ribbons by the crabs until Marrieth is incapacitated, at which point they freeze. Tim collects the scrimshaw from her satchel and the crabs come to life again, killing Spamatino. Finally the adventurers whittle down the statues until they crumble. The water from the Kor chapel restores Marrieth's health.

III. The Ogre's Lair

The group discovers the sleeping quarters of an ogre, though the monster is nowhere to be found, and abscond with his treasure.

IV. The Crawler.


Marrieth makes a racket cutting down a door and attracts a huge caterpillar-like thing. Its tentacles paralyze Dierdre but before the beast can consume her the adventurers drive it off.

V. Total losses/loot

Two crabs of coral 70xp
1 crawler 75 xp

2 healing potions (one used by Marrieth) from the ogre sack
a bag of holding (the ogre sack)
554 gp from the ogre sack
987 sp from the ogre sack
four gems totalling 650 gp
scrimshaw in ivory, whales teeth, mother of pearl total 1200 gp
3 ornate sets of foreign platemail
Kor's Silver Chalice taken by Marrieth

Each surviving PC earned 445xp, Each surviving retainer earned 223 xp and bupkis!

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